All About PCKicks

The PCKicks Mission

The PCKicks Mission

The PCKicks mission is to bring recognition to the IT support field, to assist those in need of help. Fostering meaningful relationships between PCKicks, people and machine.

The PCKicks Story

In 1997, The Founder had a problem with his own PC, one that he very well caused by himself; a stuck floppy disk in the drive. The ability to read floppies were important back in the day as he really needed to get a report in before the due date.

The Founder found a local computer repair shop in Toronto that offered computer repair services. The PC with the non-functional floppy disk drive was eventually handed over and dropped over to the shop.

After a month of not receiving any communication from the shop The Founder decided to pay a visit to the shop to see what was going on. It turned out the proprietor of the shop lacked the knowledge to replace a floppy drive and had problems putting back the PC together.

The only solution the computer shop proprietor offered was to purchase a new PC in his shop. It was from that point onward The Founder decided that there were simply too many out there pretending.

The PCKicks Story Beginnings
The PCKicks History

Eight years later; in 2005, The Founder opened a home business called PCKicks Computer Services and started operations in the garage and basement of his residence. Providing fair and insightful computer help services in the Mount Dennis Neighbourhood in Toronto in the meanwhile working towards his education in Technology.

In 2012 the business had gotten to a point where it began operations outside the home and into a small office in North York.

In 2014 PCKicks moved out from the small office and opened up a brand new shop in Richmond Hill

From the very beginning, PCKicks set out to be a different kind of organization by providing a place where people could trust their computer repairman-doctor-geek. At PCKicks we are not "geeks" "doctors" or "computer guys" We are computer consultant professionals who know how to speak your language.