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PCKicks is the go-to place for Data recovery, Web Design services
Windows, macOS Support and general computer repair

We help people by providing after market support for technology;
desktops, laptops or tablets.

We deal with all brands
Apple, Lenovo, Dell, HP, ASUS, MSI, or Toshiba

We are the first premier
IT Computer consultation firm located near Markham in Richmond Hill
A little north of Toronto and a little nicer.

Appointments only! Please call or text to set up an appointment before coming

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PCKicks Data Services

PCKicks is Data Services: Backup and Recovery

Got those precious photos and documents that you need to get back from an accidental delete, format, file system corruption or light hardware failure? PCKicks can help with that.

Don't lose hope of getting those precious memories! PCKicks can help!

PCKicks can deal with cases of accidental deletion from cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and cameras.

PCKicks Web Design and Management Services

PCKicks is Web Design and Web Management Services

Are you a small business or someone in the creative field who needs a web presence?

PCKicks can help you design, build, host and manage your website! No more worrying on those technical nitty gritty details on how to get a page online with your own customized brand. We now offer packages that will suit your needs

We've Worked With

PCKicks Web Clients
PCKicks supports Windows, MacOS X, and Linux

PCKicks is Windows, macOS and Linux Support

Got a Windows or Mac device that isn't working correctly anymore? PCKicks can help with that! We provide support to both Windows and macOS systems. If there is something wrong with the installed operating system due to accidental issues or unexpected problems from malware of the Internet we can help!

PCKicks can reinstall, remove viruses, and repair Windows or macOS systems.

If you are wanting to keep your data or setup the way it is or looking for a complete clean up PCKicks can accommodate your unique needs.

Got an old computer that has been abandoned from the corporate world? Don't worry we have your back! If you're looking to move on to the world of Linux PCKicks can help! We have extensive knowledge and experience to help make the transition to open freedom.

PCKicks is Hardware Repair

Broken laptop screen? Burnt out power supply?
Dying hard drive? PCKicks can help!

We specialize in laptop display
replacements & various hardware support for desktops.

We can replace or provide upgrades to
people who are looking to getting an extra boost
and value from their hardware.

PCKicks supports laptop display replacements

PCKicks is Computer Technology Consultations

Got a question or an upgrade question that you need an answer to? Stop spending time searching on the internet for non answers! Get real professional consultations from our qualified staff.
We can answer just about any tech related question and with specific answers as well. Got a need to upgrade a system? Or to get a network setup? PCKicks can Help!

The PCKicks Method

The PCKicks Method

When someone is looking for help with their computer problems they look for PCKicks. You can expect not only help delivered but full support is always behind our clients. That is the sense of everything working right again done by PCKicks. We make sure everything works right – from the beginning of our promise to the end of our service. At PCKicks our clients are treated with responsibility and dignity.

From our humble beginnings as a home based business in 2005, in every line of work that we’ve had, and every equipment that we worked with, we've tried to make it better; fostering the connection between person and machine.

PCKicks is Passionate

Our consultants not only know their way around the computer, but we live and breathe computers as well. This means you can always expect that we not only know what's written in text books but are also intuitive and think outside the box when dealing with unique situations.

PCKicks is more than just "computer repair"

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Mike S

"Used PCKicks' services twice (to recover old laptop and to replace IDE with SSD drive) and I am very impressed. Reasonable pricing, quick turnout, professional and friendly service, what else can one ask for? Highly recommended!"

Ping Z

"Thank you very much your design of a website for Canadian Chinese Nurses Association. The website is simple but beautiful and runs very smoothly. My nursing friends visited this website and all of us like it. We might consider inviting you for other website design project. Thank you very much for your work. It is excellent."

Lisa Q

"Incredibly knowledgable, responsive, reliable and professional. PCKicks goes above and beyond to deliver a great service and makes you, as a customer, feel incredibly valued. They took time outside his business hours to provide advice and address my inquiries. It's not until you've come here that you realize a new standard. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the area."

Sharon T

"Very satisfied with the service provided. The computer technician was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the diagnosis/repair for my laptop problem in a professional and understandable manner. Definitely very approachable so will return again as a customer."

Brandon A

"Excellent service, Very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience, Store looks and feels very professional"

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