BSOD or a Blue Screen of Death

Looking for professional computer help?

PCKicks is a computer support centre specializing in
after market support to all sort of computers;
desktops, laptops or tablets.

PCKicks is an updated and modern version
the traditional “Computer Repair Shop”
we are more than just “Computer Repair”

We are Richmond Hill's first premier
IT Computer consultation firm
A little north of Toronto and a little nicer.

PCKicks Data Services

PCKicks is Data Services: Backup and Recovery

Got those precious documents that you need to get back from an accidental delete, format, file system corruption or light hardware failure? PCKicks can help with that.

Don't lose hope of getting those precious memories! PCKicks can help!

PCKicks can deal with cases of accidental deletion from cellphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and cameras.

Data Recovery Services starts at $160, $20 per GB after 25GB

PCKicks supports Windows, MacOS X, and Linux

PCKicks is Windows, OSX and Linux Support

Got a Windows or Mac device that isn't working correctly anymore? PCKicks can help with that! We provide support to both Windows and OSX systems. If there is something wrong with the installed operating system due to accidental issues or unexpected problems from malware of the Internet we can help!

PCKicks can reinstall, remove viruses, and repair Windows or OSX systems.

If you are wanting to keep your data or setup the way it is or looking for a complete clean up PCKicks can accommodate your unique needs.

Got an old computer that has been abandoned from the corporate world? Don't worry we have your back! If you're looking to move on to the world of Linux PCKicks can help! We have extensive knowledge and experience to help make the transition to open freedom.

Services starting at $80

PCKicks is Hardware Support

Broken laptop screen? Burnt out power supply?
Dying hard drive? PCKicks can help!

We specialize in laptop display
replacements and various hardware support for desktops.

We can replace or provide upgrades to
people who are looking to getting an extra boost
and value from their hardware.

Services starting at $180 including parts.

PCKicks supports laptop display replacements

PCKicks is Computer Technology Consultations

Got a question or an upgrade question that you need an answer to? Stop spending time searching on the internet for non answers! Get real professional consultations from our qualified staff.
We can answer just about any tech related question and with specific answers as well. Got a need to upgrade a system? Or to get a network setup? PCKicks can Help!

Consultations start at $20